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KDE 4.1beta1

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May. 28th, 2008 | 08:08 pm

Finally!  KDE 4.1 first beta is out.  I've been compiling the KDE trunk for a while now, just to play with things.  But I am finally glad that a public beta is out.

Of course, I wanted to see if Fedora provided a nice package for it, but found none in the Fedora 9 repositories, nor the updates-testing.  Fortunately, it was already included in rawhide, so I was able to install it from there

One can get it through:

yum --enable=rawhide update kde*

While it has been working fine with me, with little problems (some glitches, but I'm sure they come with the beta), your mileage may vary.

UPDATE:  I should also mention that I'm using the new nvidia driver in livna released today.  That also helped.  (Actually, I got it a little earlier from the build servers ;) )

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