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KDE 4.2 out soon

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Jan. 25th, 2009 | 06:26 am

Perhaps the only thing that excites me about the release of KDE 4.2 in just a few days is that the Fedora people will take care of compiling for me :) Since around late November, I’ve been compiling the KDE development branch on a near daily basis. It was easy, turn on the computer in the morning, and while I showered, let it compile away at the changes that happened since I last recompiled. I did this because I was really curious to see the progress as it happened. That, and because I was really excited about KDE 4.2 being released.

Now, after about two months of doing this, I’m ready to let the Fedora KDE SIG take over this task for me. I’m ready to move my desktop to a stable release. I’m mainly interested in getting Kontact to work nicely again, it would seem to crash whenever I opened a folder in my email. But this problems seems to have been fixed, somehow, in the Fedora 10 build that is currently in Koji.

All in all, I expect blue skies in the days ahead, all thanks, of course, to the KDE developers and the Fedora KDE SIG. My thanks to both!

KDE 4.2 Desktop

KDE 4.2 Desktop


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